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  • شرکت مهاجرتی مریتراستز

    شرکت مهاجرتی مریتراستز

    ارسال شده توسط Jubin Ahdi از Toronto در 11-04-18

    شرکت مهاجرتی مریتراستز با تجربه متنوع در انواع برنامه های مهاجرتی فدرال و استانی در خدمت شما است تا با ارائه راهکارهای خاص برای شرایط منحصر به فرد شما بهترین روش مهاجرت به کانادا را برای شما فراهم نماید با توجه به بسیاری از موانع و مشکلات قانونی، تصمیم…

  • Ambleside Medical Centre

    Ambleside Medical Centre

    ارسال شده توسط Ambleside Medical Centre از West Vancouver در 13-04-18

    Ambleside Medical Centre is located in West Vancouver. We provide the most comprehensive patient centered care with preventative health measures.

  • داروخانه سینا

    داروخانه سینا

    ارسال شده توسط Sina Pharmacy از Toronto در 13-04-18

    Compounding pharmacybasic home health care suppliesmedication placed in blister packs (sealed, push-through packaging used to separate doses) at no extra costfree delivery for prescriptionsMedsCheck - Appointments to review complex prescriptions with a…

  • داروخانه آریا

    داروخانه آریا

    ارسال شده توسط Arya Pharmacy از Toronto در 13-04-18

    Arya Pharmacy is pleased to offer all your pharmaceutical needs conveniently.  We are located on the main floor of Arya Health Clinic.  As a part of our complimentary services we are proud to be offering smoking cessation program in our pharmacy. …

  • داروخانه رز

    داروخانه رز

    ارسال شده توسط ROSE PHARMACY از West Vancouver در 13-04-18

    Pharmacy / Drugstore  in West Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Lion's Gate Pharmacy

    Lion's Gate Pharmacy

    ارسال شده توسط Lion's Gate Pharmacy از North Vancouver در 13-04-18

                                تضمین بهترین خدمات دارویی با کمترین نرخ                             تزریق رایگان کلیه واکسنهای تحت پوشش                             دلیوری رایگان نسخه                             برنامه درمان اعتیاد                            …

  • Bahar M. Law Corporation

    Bahar M. Law Corporation

    ارسال شده توسط Bahar M. Law Corporation از North Vancouver در 18-04-18

    Bahar Mashreghi, B.A., J.D. graduated from the University of British Columbia Law School with a Juris Degree in Law and became a member of the Law Society of British Columbia in September 2008. She practiced for several years in a downtown law firm…

  • دفتر حقوقی فرامرزی

    دفتر حقوقی فرامرزی

    ارسال شده توسط Faramarzi Law Corporation از Vancouver در 18-04-18

    Faramarzi Law Corporation (FLC) is a Canadian law firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a diverse client base ranging from individuals to large corporations. Hossein Faramarzi is the founder and principal of Faramarzi Law Corporation (FLC).…

  • Pararin Rahmani

    Pararin Rahmani

    ارسال شده توسط Pararin Rahmani از North Vancouver در 18-04-18

    The North Shore’s Law Firm Established in 1973 (and formerly known as Bradbrooke Crawford Green) North Shore Law LLP is one of the largest law firms in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the years, the firm has built a solid reputation for…

  • Jenab & Company Law Corporation

    Jenab & Company Law Corporation

    ارسال شده توسط Jenab & Company Law Corporation از West Vancouver در 18-04-18

    For more than 20 years, Zahra Jenab has been practicing law with compassion. She founded Jenab & Company in March 2001, and practicing law with empathy and compassion remains the foundation of our firm. We provide legal services in different areas,…

  • منیژه معینی

    منیژه معینی

    ارسال شده توسط Manijeh Moieni از Vancouver در 18-04-18

    Manijeh graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia in 1995 and was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1996. She is a resourceful and dedicated lawyer who exercises careful judgment and consistently makes recommendations…

  • Nejat & Company Legal Counsel

    Nejat & Company Legal Counsel

    ارسال شده توسط Nejat & Company Legal Counsel از Vancouver در 18-04-18

      We are a boutique law firm located at the Jameson House, in the heart of Vanocuver’s vibrant downtown. We offer services in various areas of law, including family, personal injury, immigration and refugee, real estate, wills and estates,…