Blue Paisley Fine Rugs

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Blue Paisley Fine Rugs

Luxury Rug Store Toronto

Being Toronto’s premier provider of luxurious high quality rugs, we offer the widest selection in size, colour and services. We believe that every fine rug tells a story and manifests a tradition; it is an investment for generations to come and selecting one should be a tailored fulfilling experience. Our family works closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure that every selection leads to satisfaction for decades. Our showroom is dedicated to helping you maintain your investment and is ready to take care of all your rug needs. We specialize in all aspects of fine rugs; from appraisals and customization to restoration and quality rug hand washing.

Rug Consultation

At Blue Paisley Fine Rugs we offer various in-home services including home consultations and approvals which allow you to experience the rug of your choice inside your home to ensure it is a perfect fit with your existing decor. Similarly, we work with interior designers and production companies; we even offer a specialty rug rental service catering to production and commercial sets.

Our Vision

Blue Paisley Fine Rugs is Naser’s vision for a full-service establishment catering to the needs of rug owners, collectors and connoisseurs; bringing Naser’s invaluable knowledge and experience to your home. Blue Paisley guarantees the best in service and quality; a tradition from our family to yours.

Blue Paisley's Rug Collection

Blue Paisley’s rug collection spans the entire globe. We have traveled long and far to bring you a unique collection of rugs from all cultures of the world. Our weavers and suppliers from all parts of the world work to create masterpieces we are proud to put on display and share with you. Our collections encompass different shapes, colours, textures and styles. Take a look at our online collection but we encourage you to come down to our showroom to feel the difference Blue Paisley makes.

Rug Services Toronto

Blue Paisley Fine Rugs provides Toronto’s best rug services. Our expert staff perform any rug care feature gracefully and with the utmost attention to detail. No matter the size of the job, whether it’s the cleaning of a small rug or repairing a tear in a priceless antique, Blue Paisley is the company to trust. Check out the services section for our available services in Toronto ranging from Toronto rug cleaning, restoration, rental, appraisals and more! Please contact us with your questions, we are happy to hear from you.

1440 Bathurst St 101 Toronto ON M5R 3J3

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